Monday 21 March 2016


Whilst browsing through my Craft Stamper magazine, I realised that I hadn't even used the free stamp on the front - yikes - I loved some of the samples made in the magazine using the stamp, so I thought lets give it a go....., this was the final picture, made in my journal with the beautiful Visible Image free flower stamp. I love the stencil at the bottom that I have sort of made into a bridge, its really a very large circle on my favourite (and only) stencil girl stencil - I think it has a little ''Monet Waterlily' look about it, but that could be just me? Anyway out came my trusty homemade texture paste again...

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  1. Love these pages Rachel! I'm assuming you're new to the snippets playground although you don't have a link to us in here to be in the prize draw :( Also, if you want to be in the prize draw, I do ask that you say so in a comment - purely so I'm not faced with unwanted prizes :) Apart from that there are no real rules other than just one entry per week - and also to queue up nicely for the swings :)


    Di xx

    1. Hi there Di, yes I am new to your playground and pretty new to Blogland too! Sorry I hadn't set up a link on my post back to your challenge, it all requires a lot of concentration on my part still to set up each post, lol, I'm sure that it will start getting easier soon. Anyway I have now set up a link and left a comment on your blog, no worries if I am too late, all part of the learning curve :)

  2. Fabulous journal pages. Thank you for joining in with the Craft Stamper challenge. Linda xx

  3. Lovely journal page! The stamp is beautiful too, I might have to get my own!

  4. Waving Hello to you from the Snippets Playground Rachel. WOW - your art journal page is so vibrant and lovely. I am seriously into Art Journaling so it's fascinating to see what others do. I'm hanging my head in shame too - as I also have that VI flower freebie and haven't used it yet! Perhaps I should rectify that today!

    Hugs, SaRn xxx