Thursday 28 April 2016

Red and White

I've created a new page in my journal.

Challenges entered:  thecraftbarnblog.blogspot/two-weekly-challenge - red/white/black

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Sunday 24 April 2016

Jess the manga girl

Ok, so when I mentioned that there was a 'face challenge' going on, my daughter Jess piped up, 
                                'You can enter my manga girl! Please mummy!', 
she takes quite an interest in my craft, and often sits with me painting,she's been desperate to enter some art into a challenge for ages.
Jessica loves drawing Manga faces and received a book for Christmas with lots of designs in. As she wanted to make it extra special, I let her use my treasured Paperartsy paints instead of the basic children's paints she usually uses.


I'm not sure whether 12 year olds are allowed to enter into the challenges but we looked up in the rules and there didn't seem to be anything to state not.
So here goes:


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Rachel and Jess

Saturday 23 April 2016

Snail Post

I'm out of my usual comfort zone today by creating something with more 'white space' than I normally do - just why I should find it more difficult to make a picture that contains a smaller image and less to look at, well it doesn't make sense but I do find it particularly tricky when everything needs to be perfectly stamped, the white just shows up all the mistakes.

So, I felt as if the picture needed some kind of border but then I messed that up - not greatly in love with my blue dashes, especially when I turned the page round to find that they weren't even straight - lol!

Well, to focus on the things I like instead - I do like Sam the snail, (name chosen by Megan, my daughter) which was hand drawn and I like my background, which was created by several vibrant Paperartsy chalk paints and a credit card (technique by Kim Dellow)

As my picture is S for Snail and the snail has a shell, I am entering it in the Craft Barn Challenge and  also the Paperartsy challenge which is focusing on 'white space' at the moment.


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Saturday 16 April 2016

Deep Blue Sea

Hello there,

I've been busy recently over the school holidays with visitors, so only just able to enter my D letter for the Craft Barn Challenge -
                                                 D for Deep, Blue Sea

Lots of different shades of blue tissue paper to make the background and a Lindsay Mason stamp for the seaweed at the bottom. So I wonder whether anyone that subscribes to any craft magazines can guess what I made the jellyfish from?

The free stamp from the Craft Stamper Magazine - love it! 

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Tuesday 5 April 2016


Think I may have added every colour in my paint stash to this picture!

I'm really loving some art that people are producing at the moment where they seem to lay a lot of different colours on the page and then go mad with doodles and a white pen - I'd like to practise more abstract pages but find this difficult.... well, there's always ways in which to improve and grow....

......well looking at my picture here, it looks as if it could do with some more doodles, I'm only new to the doodling world, never know whether you can have too many doodles on a picture - is that possible?

Challenges entered:

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Friday 1 April 2016

In a Galaxy far, far away

What a beautiful day to start off April, long may it last.

Well the new letter over at the Craft Barn challenge is G - it seems as if I have seen a lot of Bokeh designs recently, so I've been playing around and practising a little of it in my journal and on pieces of card.

 I'm thinking that I will eventually get around to making this card into smaller cards that I can send to people - I'm never very good at card making, I find it needs a precision and 'neatness' that I haven't mastered yet!

So when thinking about what word I would choose for the challenge, the natural progression seemed to be Galaxy!

I used three colours for the background - Coral,Tango and Cherry Red (Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics) - I used my freebie Visible Image stamp as an Alien body and stamped some owls eyes from another stamp as his eyes - it seems as if lots of people are using different parts of stamps together and creating a new creature and I thought I would have a go -  I really like him!

He and the picture are going into -

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