Sunday 28 August 2016

Children's art

What a wonderful idea - over at the Simon Says Stamp blog they have a children's challenge - basically anyone between 2 - 16 years of age can enter and their artwork has to contain glitter.
Well  Jessica (12) thought that would be a fun challenge to enter and after setting her up in front of my craft mat with paints, stencils and stamps, she set to work. 
This isn't an easy thing for a crafter to do - leave their child with access to all their precious supplies, so I half lingered nearby, I guess we all become immersed in the project we are making but at least I was on hand to make sure that brushes were washed fairly quickly, and stamps were cleaned after use etc - you get the idea!
She added her glitter on the roses but it isn't very obvious in the picture and she was very happy with her outcome - I love that, no worries over how it could have been improved, such a lot to learn from one's own daughter!

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Thanks for visiting, Rachel and Jessica

Wednesday 17 August 2016


Inspired by the very colourful work Tracy Scott produces, I've thrown practically all the Dina Wakeley paints I own at this flowery Zig Zag picture. That is proper playing!
This fortnights letter at the Craft Barn challenge is Z and I had chosen the word zigzag before I realised that it would also pair up nicely with the Paperartsy challenge, which is patterns!
I've also managed to squeeze a pearl in right at the bottom of the picture, this was something that had to be added for the Craft Barn challenge - not sure what relevance it has but it's there!

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Thursday 11 August 2016

Zesty enough?

I've seen so many people using pictures out of magazines in their artwork, mainly pictures of models but it can give you a focus for journal pages when you are needing some quick inspiration - plus I never would have been able to draw Zac Efron!
Anyway, after pinching the Sunday magazine supplement, I set about cutting out all the people in it that were 'talking to me'! 
Zac was shouting - 'pick me' - I'm just desperate for some flower ears and a zesty hairband! 
Well, it puts a smile on my face......

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Friday 5 August 2016

August journal page

I was a bit stuck for ideas on how to proceed with the background of this page - needed some inspiration. So looking through my Dina Wakley Art Journalling book, I decided to try a 'Analogous' page - this seemed to mean 3 colours next to each other on the colour wheel. Not sure whether light blue, dark blue and pink count but I liked the finishing result. Darcy talks about Analogous schemes over on the Paperartsy blog for this fortnights 'colour mixing challenge'.
The butterflies are a much lighter pink than in the picture, more like the hexagons and they have lovely glittery 'tails' (if there is such a thing on a butterfly) but of course glitter seems to be a difficult thing to pick up in photographs! Thought I would post it before I added my journalling.

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Thursday 4 August 2016


Well I love this picture so much, it's so bright and those little circles, whilst they were very laborious to cut out each one (from text paper) , as I slowly stuck each one on, I loved the look of each completed segment of the colour wheel. 

Once I finished the wheel, I thought it felt as if it needed more in the surrounding space, so I added corresponding coloured paper pieces on the outside - so satisfying and relaxing - 

So of course the picture is C for Colour and will be duly entered into The Craft Barn's Alphabet challenge, which closes this Sunday, am loving this challenge and very pleased that the timings worked just perfectly with my holiday away, I was a little worried that I would have to miss a letter!

I was also inspired by a picture on the colour mixing challenge over at the Paperartsy blog, it contained many circles of various colours all created bumped up to each other in an abstract art piece.

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