Sunday 24 April 2016

Jess the manga girl

Ok, so when I mentioned that there was a 'face challenge' going on, my daughter Jess piped up, 
                                'You can enter my manga girl! Please mummy!', 
she takes quite an interest in my craft, and often sits with me painting,she's been desperate to enter some art into a challenge for ages.
Jessica loves drawing Manga faces and received a book for Christmas with lots of designs in. As she wanted to make it extra special, I let her use my treasured Paperartsy paints instead of the basic children's paints she usually uses.


I'm not sure whether 12 year olds are allowed to enter into the challenges but we looked up in the rules and there didn't seem to be anything to state not.
So here goes:


Thanks for visiting,
Rachel and Jess

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