Wednesday 17 August 2016


Inspired by the very colourful work Tracy Scott produces, I've thrown practically all the Dina Wakeley paints I own at this flowery Zig Zag picture. That is proper playing!
This fortnights letter at the Craft Barn challenge is Z and I had chosen the word zigzag before I realised that it would also pair up nicely with the Paperartsy challenge, which is patterns!
I've also managed to squeeze a pearl in right at the bottom of the picture, this was something that had to be added for the Craft Barn challenge - not sure what relevance it has but it's there!

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Thanks for visiting, Rachel


  1. Nicely done, Rachel. I had NO idea that was a real word, but when I enlarged your photo, I saw it was in the dictionary. Good for you. I had trouble with the pearl twist, too, so I think you did fine, even though I agree that it has nothing to do with our latest letter.

    1. Thanks, yes the pearl twist was a bit tricky but I guess unsurprisingly I noticed when I linked my picture up, that the word zigzag had already been used by someone else before me in the challenge!

  2. Lovely vibrant colours on this piece. Your zigzag is very different to any other and with a letter like Z there is not much to choose from.

  3. Great take on zigzag! love all those colours too.

  4. Bright and vibrant a really lovely page xx

  5. A clever use of zig-zags on your lovely bright and cheerful page.