Sunday 16 October 2016


Late again!! Must try better! We get 2 weeks to complete our piece of art on the Alphabet Challenge over at the Craft Barn and I seem to sit back and relax in the first week, thinking about what word I will choose and generally getting on with life and then before I know it, it is Sunday and I am dashing madly to finish my picture and post it!
Never mind - this fortnight is E and I have chosen what I think is a beautiful and architectural plant called an Echinops or globe thistle, the flower heads are a bit like spiky alliums. 
Only the background has stamping on, music paper stamped onto green tissue paper and some more Ellen Vargo abstract printing at the top. The leaves were me looking at pictures of Echinops on the web and creating some stencils to paint through and then painting lots of long blue brush strokes as spikes for the flowerheads.
The dictionary definition is painted yellow right at the bottom, not very clear in this picture though!

Challenges entered:

Thanks for visiting again, Rachel


  1. Lovely page - thank you for entering The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge xxx

  2. I love echinops and have some in my garden. Well done creating the leaf stencil - not an easy shape to cut out. A great choice of word and a super page.

  3. Great choice of word and they are lovely flowers.

  4. I love the steely blue of Echinops; certainly not an easy leaf shape to create as a stencil but you did it! Great choice and superb piece of art.

  5. A lovely page and I've learnt something new. Great texture for the flower heads xx

  6. Fabulous journal page. Thanks for playing along with the Craft Stamper Challenge xx