Saturday 6 May 2017

I Can't Stand The Rain

Just finished this in time for tomorrow's deadline - entering her into the Craft Barn's song challenge. As you can see this time the song is I Can't Stand The Rain.
The rain drops have a shine to them which I haven't managed to pick up in the photo. Still keeping with my own challenge of creating a face each time - my nemesis is always the nose, they are just so difficult to draw, sometimes on a rare moment I am happy but not this time! Never mind, always focus on the positive and I like the flower and the eyelids have a glow to them with the treasure gold. Actually my favourite part is the chin and neck area, I like how I shaded it.

Challenges entered:

Thanks for visiting, Rachel


  1. Lovely page - thank you for joining the Craft Barn Song Challenge xx

  2. Well done on sticking to your personal challenge. You've created another lovely page.